You've got questions


For collection there is no minimum order.

For local delivery the minimum order is £5.

For shipping, the minimum order is £9. Shipping is only available for a dozen bagels (or more!).

Cream cheese and pickles are unavailable for shipping.

All orders must include at least a bagel. 

We are currently operating on a small scale and want to please as many people as possible. Until we can operate on a larger scale, we will not be offering wholesale orders. 

We are operating on a pre-order only basis at the moment.
All orders can be placed up to a week in advance with a minimum of 24 hours notice. There is a 2pm cut off for next day orders.
There may be occasions where we are able to offer some of our products on the day but this will be announced on Instagram and will not be a regular occurrence. 

This could be because of one or two things:

You must include at least one bagel in your order.

We do not deliver to your postcode or the day/time you have chosen is sold out. 

We have become exceptionally busy and slots sell out quickly! 

At the moment we only supply to Toro Coffee on Sundays. They are open from 10am till 3pm. 

We only offer our cream cheeses and pickles to customers who have bought some of our belter bagels. 

You certainly can! We offer single bagels for £1, half a dozen bagels for £5 and a dozen bagels for £9. Anything under half a dozen can only be collected.  

If you have an order for 3 dozen, or more, bagels then please use the contact us form with your dates and order and we can hopefully get you booked in.

Delivery & Collection


105 Gower Street, G41 5PS.

West (COMING SOON-ish):

820 Garscube Road, G20 7ET.

By pre-order only. 

Collections are possible from 11 am until 3 pm in 30 minute pre booked time slots. 

We have extended our delivery area! 

We now deliver to the following areas on their respective day:
North - Thursday
East - Friday
South - Sunday (includes G77)
West - Saturday

To be able to do this we have increased our delivery charge to £2.50 with a minimum order of £5, this must include bagels. 

All deliveries will be made between 10am and 1pm on their respective days. We cannot give a more accurate time than that at the moment.

Please make sure you are in to receive the delivery.


All of our postal orders will be prepared and dispatched on the Wednesday following your order, with at least 24 hours notice. There is a 12pm cut off for the 24 hours, e.g. you cannot place an order at 1pm on a Thursday for posting on Friday.

We use Hermes to dispatch our postal orders and your order should arrive with you on the Thursday. Due to COVID-19 there may be a delay with Hermes and it could take 2 days.

The minimum order for postal orders is £9 and the rate is £6.50 per dozen bagels. We can only do a limited number of postal orders per week. 

We do not allow postage of pickles or cream cheeses as it would be a lot more expensive due to the packaging required. If you have either of these in your basket, you will not be able to put through your postal order. 

Opening Times & Location

We are currently operating on a pre order collection basis from 105 Gower Street, G41 5PS:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 11am till 3pm

Friday: 11am till 3pm

Saturday: 11am till 3pm

Sunday: 11am till 3pm

Our FUTURE (date unknown) opening hours and collection will be:

820 Garscube Road, G20 7ET

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 11 am till 3 pm

Friday: 11 am till 3 pm

Saturday: 11 am till 3 pm

Sunday: 11 am till 3 pm 

Nutritional Information & Ingredients

All of our bagels are freshly baked daily using high-quality, natural ingredients. Our bagels are best eaten within three days of purchase. They can be frozen for up to one month and will defrost overnight.  

Our standard bagel contains flour, salt, yeast, sugar and eggs. Our flavoured bagels can contain salt, garlic, onion, sesame seeds and poppy seeds.

Whilst all care is taken to ensure that your bagels do not contain nuts, we do not operate in a nut-free environment and cannot guarantee there will not be cross-contamination. We do not recommend that anyone with a severe nut allergy eats our products. 

Yes! We have an option on our product pages for vegan bagels. 

We do not have a separate kitchen to produce gluten-free products in. The kitchen we are using is small and we cannot guarantee that any product will be entirely gluten-free.  

Short answer, not 100% sure.

We have not had our products tested so cannot give an accurate number, however, each bagel is in the region of 240 kcals. 

All of our cream cheeses are dated to be used within 3 days of purchase. 

The only allergen our cream cheese contains is milk

All of our pickles are dated best before within 7 days of purchase.